Published December 1, 2020

We will be launching a series of articles covering LabVIEW applications in support of flight test. Before we start into the technical articles, we thought it would be best to provide some background on our collective experience for Flight Test software applications. MGI has been supporting the aerospace industry since its founding including a number of flight test projects over the years. The MGI team was joined by a new developer in late 2018, Chris Ludwig. Chris has specialized in Flight Test and has been using LabVIEW for that purpose since 2007. His career in flight test started with a Flight Test Master’s degree with a heavy focus in data processing. Chris then joined a major flight test organization where he worked as a Powerplant Flight Test Engineer, Aircraft Test Director, and Software Developer for 9 years before joining MGI. Chris is now an FAA Delegated Flight Analyst and a Delegated Engineering Representative for rotorcraft powerplant installations. Chris is also a Certified LabVIEW Developer. Our greatest asset as a vendor for flight test software development is that we have the experience to help our clients define good software requirements which will scale as the needs of the test organization evolves. We can also spot the places where automation can save our clients money to offset the cost of software development.

The upcoming series will detail considerations for clients who are looking to set up their own flight test software.

This article is part of the Flight Test series: