Improved Actor Framework Message Maker
Mar 02 2015

Messages in the actor framework have a lot of boiler plate code. The built in message maker helps, but has room for improvement. The MGI Actor Framework Message Maker easily builds your actor message classes, but also:

  • Increases code readability with better icons
  • Retains message VI Documentation
  • Has the ability to update messages after code changes

VI Server in Built Executables
Jul 22 2013

This LabVIEW Tip shows how the VI Server may be used to troubleshoot a built executable. The VI Server allows connections between instances of LabVIEW, with full functionality for LabVIEW development environments, and more limited

Don't Prevent Non-Illogic
May 30 2013

Boolean complexity hurts readability of your LabVIEW code, just like it hurts the readability of the title of this post. I’m going to illustrate some design choices you can make that improve readability without changing the functionality of your code.